Week 4 at FitPro

Week 4 

32 hrsTasks: This week I worked on editing some of my press releases. Also I worked on making a contact lists for every sport that is recognized in Great Britain. I had to go to all of their websites and copy all their contact information. This task took up a lot of my time this week. A fun task I got to do this week is sit in on a photo shoot. They were taking photos for a mixed martial arts program. The photo shoot took most of the day and it was really fun to watch. This week I got to go to a few meetings to. One was a social media meeting where they discussed where they want to go with their social media and how they can improve.Cultural: As the weeks go by I find it harder to write about new cultural experiences. I think this may have to do with me adjusting to the culture. I have become more comfortable when people use the phrase alright and I am starting to understandpeople better when we talk.

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