Week Three at FitPro


Week 3

32 hours


This week I wrote 3 more press releases. All of them included celebrities 2 of which I was not familiar with. After a little research though it was not a problem. I also started working on writing a letter to send to a gym for a new program that FitPro wants to do for Les Mills programs. A kind of fun task I got to do is make books for press coverage on the VIPR. I used this fancy whole punch tool that then turns the papers into a book. It was nice to get away from my computer for a little bit. For the most part this week was kind of slow. Next week should be better since I am helping with a photo shoot that is taking place here in the studio.


An interesting thing I learned is that the word aluminum is pronounced differently here. They spell it aluminium. Here is a link and you can hear how me pronounced it differently. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium

I still struggle to understand people in the office when they speak. I find myself saying what a lot. Most of the time I just smile and hope for the best. Also this week I got invited to the birthday party of one of my co-workers so I’m very excited about that for next week.

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