July 4th-7th: Week 2 at FitPro

 This week for my tasks I finished up my first three press releases and made some slight corrections. Next week I will be sending them out to journalist. Also I updated to consumer journalist contact list. I found this task to be harder than I though because many magazines to not post their contact information on the internet. I had some luck on Thursday when searching so hopefully I can find 50 more by the time I leave. This week I also started three more press releases. I came up with the ideas for these ones this time. I didn’t think I would enjoy writing as much as I do. It might have to do with I like the topic I’m writing about.

Another task I had was setting up a trade show display. It was quite a puzzle. There were no instructions so James and I had no idea what we were doing. Finally we found someone who knew how to do it and it was actually pretty easy once we knew how it was set up. Putting back in its container was also difficult but we figured it out finally.


For cultural experiences this week I have find that people ask if I’m alright a lot. It kind of makes me uncomfortable just because I don’t really know how to respond to that. I usually just smile and say yes. Hopefully I get used to that.

For one of my press release I had to write about Sara Cox, a BBC radio DJ. I found this to be difficult because I had no idea who she was. After doing some research and asking people I was able to write a good press release with her referenced.

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