June 28th:2nd Day at Fit Pro

Since I had gone to bed early the night before and got 9hrs of sleep waking up at 7 wasn’t as hard. Steph and I got to work around 9:15. I finished up some of my research I was working on the day before and Fiona and I went over it together. Also today I got to meet the other intern in the marketing department. His name is James and he is from outside the London area. Steph and I ate lunch with him. It was fun asking him questions about sports and what he thinks of the states. He was able to a little bit of an American accent which was pretty funny. While talking with him I learned that here there is a big difference between College and University. Here you go to college for 2 year before you go to University. College here is similar to our high school. James kept getting confused when we would use college and university in the same way. After lunch I read some samples of press releases and came up with some ideas of my own. I’m still not used how relaxed things are here, when they ask me to do something they don’t expect me to get it done right away. It is a good thing in a way so that I can take my time but at the same time I feel like I have a lot of free time so the days are still going by kind of slow. Hopefully once I get a handle on how to write press releases time will go by faster.


At 5:30 Steph and I rushed to the tube station. We had to meet the rest of the group at New London Theatre to see the play The War Horse. It started at 7:00 so we didn’t think we would have enough time to eat dinner but we ended up having plenty of time and beat the rest of the group too. Our timing was good because while we were waiting for the rest of the group to arrive we saw Jay Leno walk into the theatre! It was really strange seeing someone famous from the states in London. We were so excited and when the rest came we told everyone that he was in the theatre. During the intermission Tucker, Carley, and I went downstairs in hopes of running into to Jay Leno and to my surprise we did. He actually approached us (probably because we were starring) and first asked us where we were from. I guess it was obvious we were from the states. It was really cool getting to talk to him and not to brag but we were the only ones in the group that got to talk to himJ.


The War Horse was astounding. It was the best play I have ever seen. The paly is about a boy receives a horse and grows up with it and his father sells it to the army for World War 1. The rest is just about the boy and the horse’s journey through the war. The horses are life size puppets and there are three men operating them and they look so life like. You sometime forget that they are not really horses. Apparently Steven Stilberg is making a movie about this winter. If that is true I am really excited to see it. It will make a great movie. I was surprised that I didn’t cry during the performance because I was warned that it was very emotional. The only time I got sentimental though was the end when the horse puppets came back out. They were so good!! When I got back I went to right to bed since I was exhausted from working and I had to get up early again tomorrow.

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